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Online Seminar Sales and Marketing (English Language)

The Online Presentation over Online-Presentations points out, as a new part of the Marketing-Mix, how the new medium can be used to support Sales & Marketing. These Presentations, also named Webinars, Online-Seminars or Webcasts, are to be cared for a economical addition around supporting prospects and customers. The investment volume for a Desktop Sharing Software lies, depending upon manufacturer, with approx. 400-500 Euros rent in the year. With the Software-Package a moderator can present up to 1000 persons in a virtual meeting. The language will be transfered over VoIP or a fixed landline. For the participant the access to Online-Seminar is possible by a Web browser, a so called customer module (a small Exe file) or by a Smartphone App.


The following points are addressed in the presentation:

  • References to the technology and to the Setup of an Online-Presentation
  • How to win participants for my presentation
  • Production of contents for the presentation
  • Demarcation individual Webinar to the virtual road show
  • Use of Whiteboard, chat and file transer
  • Hints and Tips

The Webinar is held in English language and will be accomplished only on request. Prospective customers find right in the menu under “Testversion Webinare” a demo version to make themeself familiar with the technology. A further possibility is the starter package (see also left above). The package contains a license for the use of a Desktop Sharing Software for 10 hours, the possibility to publish up to 20 Webcast on the portal Webinar as well as a short briefing, also as Webacst. For further information please contact the  SUSYCOM Software GmbH ( info at susycom de)

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