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Online-Seminar: Let’s talk – a plain vanilla conversation

Your profile: you have been studying English for at least 3 years (level B1) and wish to speak English and make new friends? You are interested in the UK and Ireland, and you want to know whether „plain vanilla“ is something sweet? Answered „yes“ – so why don’t you join us. From the comfort of your own desk let friends and the world come to you via the internet. In our „webinar“ you’ll have the chance to talk with others and a native speaker too. All you need is a computer, internet access (with more than 2 mbit/sec), a webcam and a headset. Further information will be given in advance. Interested? We will offer a free trial session and then you can decide whether to take part or not. The Online-Seminar consists of 5 lessons with a duration of one hour. The course fee is 25 Euro. The Online-Seminar is provided by Volkshochschule der Mittelstadt Völklingen, vhs(at) –

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