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Webinar Multicloud: Cloud Strategie und Betrieb mit maximaler Sicherheit

Multicloud: Volle Leistung, Verfügbarkeit und Sicherheit für Ihre digitalen Geschäftsprozesse

Vor dem Hintergrund der Digitalen Transformation bilden immer mehr Unternehmen digitale Geschäftsprozesse über Cloud-Anwendungen »»

  • Presenting software version V15 - With an advanced single-pass engine designed in Germany with three times the performance, the V15 version protects company networks even more reliably and averts cyberattacks, including on operationally critical infrastructures, more effectively. Join our webinar and learn more about the differences of V9 and V15, supported hardware for V15, NP+, UTM+, licence enforcement and a
  • Online-Seminar Englisch - Online Seminar Sales and Marketing (English Language) The Online Presentation over Online-Presentations points out, as a new part of the Marketing-Mix, how the new medium can be used to support Sales & Marketing. These Presentations, also named Webinars, Online-Seminars or Webcasts, are to be cared for a economical addition around supporting prospects and customers. The investment volume for
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